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  • How will I save money and not pay any out-of-pocket costs?
  • What makes Direct Efficiency a better option than financing an upgrade or paying for them myself?
  • When will l see a difference on my bill?

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Duke Energy One (“DEOne”) is not the same company as Duke Energy Corporation’s regulated utilities, including Duke Energy Carolinas, Duke Energy Florida, Duke Energy Kentucky, Duke Energy Indiana, Duke Energy Ohio and Duke Energy Progress (“Regulated Utilities”);

DE One is not in any way sanctioned by the state utility commissions regulating the Regulated Utilities; Purchasers of products or services from DEOne will receive no preference or special treatment from the Regulated Utilities; and a customer does not have to buy products or services from DEOne in order to continue to receive the same safe and reliable electric or gas service from the Regulated Utilities. Nonpayment for these products or services may result in removal from the program, but will not result in disconnection of electric or gas service by the Regulated Utilities. THIS MESSAGE IS PAID FOR BY THE SHAREHOLDERS OF DUKE ENERGY CORPORATION.

Duke Energy One does not expressly or implicitly warrant the performance of installed products and is not liable for any damage caused by the installation of these products or for any damage caused by the malfunction of the installed products. Duke Energy One is not affiliated with Allumia, and does not make or warrant the lighting or managed services performed by Allumia.