Where We Are. Where We're Headed.

We envision a future that offers reliable, accessible, and affordable clean energy in all the areas we serve. We remain committed to achieving our attainable goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and net-zero methane emissions by 2030. We see an energy-secure future where the system and the communities where we operate are resilient to climate change. We see vibrant communities, where good paying jobs are plentiful and clean energy is a driver of economic development and inclusion. And we believe in fostering a diverse and skilled workforce, ready to thrive in a constantly evolving industry and world.

Working together, with policy makers, industry peers and external allies, we will get there. We will make continued investments and do the work needed to reach our transformative vision and a brighter future for all. 
A wind technician prepares to begin work on a wind turbine.

Achieving Meaningful Outcomes

Message from the Chief Sustainability and Philanthropy Officer

We are focused on how we can create value while also mitigating risks for our business and for those we serve. More importantly, sustainability is fundamental to the objectives and makeup of our entire company and aligned with our corporate values.

ESG-Related News

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