Over the last couple of weeks, some of us may have traded a morning commute to a shuffle from one room workspace to another. Whether you have been working remotely for some time or you’re new to the work from home lifestyle, daily routines have changed and so has energy use.

It can be easy to save energy and money simply by identifying energy wasters in your home. Play the 360-degree video below, search around the room, and see if you can spot the five energy wasters in the home office before they pop up.

*Using a mobile device? The 360-degree experience works best when used in the YouTube app

Did you find them all? Here’s what you should have spotted:

  1. The printer is left on. Keep the printer switched off or, better yet, unplugged when not in use.
  2. Overloaded outlet. Consider plugging everything into a power strip. With a power strip, you can easily flip the switch to stop power flow when away.
  3. Space heater is left on. Space heaters can increase energy bills if they’re used at the same time as another heat source or if heating an empty room.
  4. Computer is left on. Use the computer’s sleep mode or power management features. According to ENERGY STAR®, using these could save you $50 a year. If your computer won’t be in use for more than two hours, energy.gov recommends turning it off.
  5. Lamp is left on. Turn off lamps during the day. Instead, open the blinds and curtains to take advantage of the sunlight.