BINGO! That’s the word that will ring throughout your home as you play our version of the popular Bingo game. Download our energy-saving tasks boards and complete a row or cover the whole board. Once you get BINGO, celebrate the win with a special treat or family celebration. Not only is it a fun activity, but it’s a great way to see some savings on your energy bill.

Now let’s play!


  • Beginner Board
  • Challenger Board
  • Crayons/Colored Pencils
  • Stickers/Markers


  1. Choose and Print Your Bingo Board: Choose one of our two downloadable boards. Each board contains energy-saving tasks (some easier than others) that can be completed around your home. Choose your board and get saving!
  2. Mark It Off: Once you’ve picked your board, complete the energy-saving tasks like “turning off the lights” or remembering to “close the refrigerator door”. Every time you successfully complete a task, color in that icon box (beginner board) or use a sticker to mark off the completed task.
  3. Save and Win: Mark off as many tasks as you need to complete an entire row and then yell “BINGO”!
  4. Keep Playing: The game doesn’t have to stop here! The more you play, the more you save. Keep playing until every space has been completed, or print the boards out again and start a new game. Add an incentive to the game for an extra treat or simply allow for Energy-Saving Bingo Champ bragging rights in your household. 

It’s easy to keep playing, keep carrying out energy-saving tasks, and keep lowering your bill. View more energy-saving ideas and tips.

To download your Bingo card, click one of the links below.