If you drive an electric vehicle, or are thinking about getting one, consider the following information about taking extended trips. The news might be better than you expected.

Do you suffer from “range anxiety”?

If you drive an electric vehicle, or are thinking about getting one, are you worried about how far you can really go? Are road trips really a thing of the past?

Well, the truth is today’s EVs and other technology make it super easy to take longer trips without fear of running out of “juice.” Between in-vehicle software assistance and a variety of downloadable apps, you can hit the road with a high level of confidence that you’ll be able to get to your destination in a reasonable amount of time.

To start, consider how much range your EV has on a full charge. As you probably know, that answer will differ based on the vehicle you choose. Many hover around 200-250 miles on a full charge, while others claim 400 miles or more.

Second, ask yourself this: Are you focused on making great time? Or are you just as interested in enjoying the journey?

It turns out that both types of travelers, and everyone in between, can have a fulfilling travel experience in an EV.

This time, there was only a little bit of planning, identifying overnight stops and points of interest. But aside from that, they just took off and put their trust in the software, embracing the “enjoy the journey” school of travel.

Joe and Howard agree that any EV with less than a 300-mile range could make longer trips a bit more frustrating due to the need for more frequent stops. Joe previously drove an EV with only about a 200-mile range and said he felt “trapped” and was “constantly charging the car.” While he admits that is a bit of an exaggeration, the point remains that longer-range vehicles are a better bet for longer drives.

So, what’s our conclusion? It seems that “range anxiety” shouldn’t really play into one’s decision to go electric. The existing planning tools (in-car and mobile apps) make managing your charge on the go a snap, and the ever-increasing number of charging locations makes it less and less likely that you’ll get stranded. In short, feel free to go EV – no matter how far you plan to travel – and enjoy the ride.

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