This month, we’re singing from the rooftops about someone special. We’ve relied on them for years. They’ve continuously sheltered us during the worst storms. They’ve always provided a safe place for us to rest our heads at night. They’ve taught us the power of DIY pride.

Who could this “someone special” be? Why, it’s our homes, of course!

Words just can’t do our feelings justice on the topic, so we’ve written them into the tunes of some timeless classics. Want to sing along? Find any one of these songs easily on YouTube and join the concert!

  1. Madonna captures our feelings perfectly about insulating our water heater to prevent heat loss with her song “Dress You Up.”

    Feel the wrapped-up hug from your new blanket.
    It will keep your water heated through.
    Insulating you makes your work easy.
    Easy on my energy bill, too.

    Gonna wrap you up in my love
    (all over, all over).
    Gonna wrap you up in my love
    (helps keep my bill lower).

  2. Worried about temperature extremes and how to help prevent frozen pipes? Thankfully, Vanilla Ice says just what we’re thinking with “Ice, Ice Baby.”

    All right, stop, please concentrate and listen.
    Ice is back in this weather prediction.
    Freezing pipes are looking quite likely
    Expanding water, daily and nightly.
    Can you make it stop?
    Yes, with your hose.
    To the faucet outside, disconnect like a pro.
    Weather extremes, you stopped the freeze like a vandal.
    Now cuddle inside – worry not, those pipes are handled.

  3. No one has comforted us through the years quite like our HVAC has. And when it comes to maintaining an aging heating and cooling system, Bon Jovi has the best advice: We’re "Livin' on a Prayer" if we don’t provide proper, regular maintenance.

    So, please, you’ve got to throw out the filter you’ve got.
    It makes a big difference if it’s dirty or not.
    We've got another, and changing’s not too tough.
    Let’s give it a swap.
    Woah, our heating and air
    Woah, it’s livin' on a prayer.
    To make it last, we need consistent repairs
    Woah, stop livin' on a prayer.

  4. Just like an attentive partner, Mariah Carey’s “I'll Be There” reminds us that regularly checking our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is an important way to help protect those we love.

    You know I won’t silence you,
    I’ll make sure your battery’s new.
    All through the house, I’ll check there.

    Smoke alarms in every room,
    Carbon monoxide detectors, too.
    I’ll check them all for wear and tear.

  5. And who better to remind us about the importance of preparing our homes before, during and after a storm than Rihanna? Her "Umbrella" tune tells us all we need to know about helping protect our household.

    In the sunshine or nasty weather
    Yes, we’ll get through it together.
    Stock an emergency kit
    Get alerts, check the app, stay up to the minute.

Maintaining our homes is an act of appreciation and gratitude that knows no season. With consistent TLC, you can help extend the life of the appliances, equipment and systems on which you depend so much. Look to Duke Energy for programs and products to help make these maintenance and efficiency actions easy and rewarding. And that’s something to sing about!

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