Save time, energy and money with a few smart moves.

We all have that one friend whose home always looks like a showroom – no dishes in the sink, toys on the floor or clothes spilling out of the laundry room. (How does she do it? And is she for hire?) Home organization may seem like a secret only other people have mastered, but with a little daily effort, you too can tidy up your home – and save time, energy and money in the process. To get started with a few actionable tips, we looked to Jillian Babb with Off the Floor Organizing.

Let’s consider a few rooms where better organization can promote better energy efficiency.


Managing the never-ending cycle of clean/dirty laundry takes a lot of time, effort and energy. Try optimizing this chore by organizing clothes in a laundry sorter and washing only once you’ve got a full load piled up. Want to save even more energy? Give your hot water heater a break by washing your laundry in cold water. And finally, empty the dryer’s lint tray after every load so your machine doesn’t have to work so hard (or for so long) to dry your clothes. Try keeping a little waste bin right next to the dryer as an easy reminder to swipe it clean every time.

washer, dryer and hamper of clothes

woman taking apples out of a refrigerator and a stocked food pantry


Busy kitchens are a revolving door of activity all day long. Keeping things neat and organized can be tricky but can also yield hidden energy savings. Organizing your refrigerator allows for quick, grab-and-go meal prep. When you minimize the amount of cold air that escapes when the fridge is opened multiple times, you’ll save on energy costs. Want to save more? Consider organizing a meal plan for the week and cooking several meals at once so that you use your stove and oven less frequently. You can even organize your pantry into “dinner pantry bins” to keep meal prep extra efficient!


Living rooms are our cozy retreat at the end of a long day. By their nature, they are usually one of the most lived in (and least organized) rooms in the home. Create solace by doing a quick tidy-up at the end of each day. Promote energy-efficient heating and cooling by making sure nothing is blocking the HVAC vents. And when the weather outside is chilly, keep a basket of plush blankets nearby to cuddle up with, rather than turning up the thermostat.

woman taking out a blanket from a basket while sitting in a chair and an uncovered floor vent

woman sitting in a at home office and multi-plug surge protector


Many of our home offices have been pulling double or triple duty the past 18 months, handling school, work and family management tasks. Organize your important paperwork for each category on digital devices so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Less time powering up your devices means less time for them to consume electricity and drain the battery – and that can equal energy savings over time. Organize your office and other household cords with smart plugs, which are one of the most easy-to-use smart home devices. They allow you to turn most wired appliances on/off with an automated switch controlled by your phone or voice command.

Clear the Clutter. Uncover the Essentials.

By making a few organizational adjustments, you CAN have a tidy home and, in the process, find energy-efficient savings hidden among those dust bunnies. Get organized today and find out how much valuable time you can free up for the more important things in life.