Household finances are being stretched thin by the rising costs for goods and services. Across the country, people are having to make tough choices – and many are struggling just to keep the lights on.

Here at Duke Energy, we recognize how vital energy is to your daily life. That’s why we work with you, offering innovative programs and services to help you manage your bills and keep your service on. We also collaborate with assistance agencies and government entities to provide you with payment help in times of need.

If you’re having trouble affording your energy costs, here are some ways we can help put the power back in your hands.

Bill Management: We offer a variety of programs that make bill management easier. With Budget Billing, you pay the same amount every month to avoid seasonal ups and downs. Additionally, those facing unusual hardships can get help with special programs like installment plans and due date extensions. And we can help folks locate additional resources that might be available in their state or community.

Customized Bill Assistance: We provide direct support to our customers through Payment Navigator, a program designed to connect customers with a Duke Energy advocate once their bills have reached a critical past-due balance. The advocate schedules a convenient time to review the customer’s account and listen to their concerns. The advocate then tailors a unique set of ideas to help the customer manage their future energy needs. Solutions include energy- and money-saving efficiency assessments and improvements; payment arrangement and bill management programs; proactive notifications such as mid-month usage alerts; and more.

Connecting to Community Resources: Navigating to the programs or resources that are right for each situation can be overwhelming. Working with our call center staff, customers can easily get connected with the right support agency in their area for their needs.

Community Assistance: Agency relationships are managed by our Centralized Agency Team. This one-stop resource is exclusively reserved to connect community agencies with our company, getting resources to customers more quickly and effectively. Kristin McCammack, the supervisor of this team for Florida and the Midwest, adds, “Duke Energy has created a more tailored experience to serve our utility assistance agencies more efficiently. By doing this, we have created stronger relationships with our agencies that, in turn, support our customers.”

Share the Light: Our customer assistance program Share The Light Fund® brings together customers, employees and the community to help those who need assistance paying their utility bills. Since 2012, company shareholders, employees and customers have contributed more than $42 million, and in 2021, over 135,000 individuals contributed to grow support further. It’s a great resource for help if you need it.

The true spirit of community is coming together to support one another, and all of us here at Duke Energy are committed to that belief. Knowing that at the end of the day, we were able to make a difference in keeping the lights on for our customers is what matters most. If you or someone you know is having trouble, please don't wait to ask for help.